Мы – компания созданная специалистами в области земельного и экологического права. Мы имеем большой опыт работы в органах государственной власти, постоянно повышаем свою квалификацию и приобретаем новые профессиональные навыки и знания. Наши сотрудники не только оказывают юридические услуги, но и занимаются научной и преподавательской деятельностью, участвуют в научных и практических семинарах и конференциях.

LandEco LLC 

LandEco LLC is a law firm, founded by highly qualified experts in the field of land and environmental legislation. Our clients benefit from the firm's profound experience in the work with government bodies, ongoing improvement of its professional expertise. Our staff team comprises highly qualified experts in environmental, land and urban relations with extensive experience in the work with the state power bodies. Our team members not only provide diversified legal service, but also participate in research and teaching activities, scientific and practical conferences and seminars.

Our Mission

Our organization is on mission to improve law practice in the Russian Federation. In fact, thousands of laws and bylaw acts are currently in force in the Russian Federation, making legal practice very confusing for unqualified individual. However, any organization or individual face the need for registration of rights to land or other property as may be incurred by transactions, in the event of a dispute with a contractor or other occasions. Our goal is to provide a highly qualified legal assistance for the resolution of any controversies in the area of civil, land, environmental and urban relations.

Our services include:

For individuals:

  • drafting and legal assessment of contracts and other legal documents (analysis of documents submitted for consideration, comments to the text of the documents with explanation of their legal meaning and consequences with reference to pertinent law);
  • legal support of real estate transactions (analysis of existing documentation, drafting of contracts and other required documents, registration of property rights, as well as other actions at the request of the Client);
  • legal support in the performance of simplified procedure of state registration of rights to land (dacha amnesty);
  • legal support of  law enforcement proceedings;
  • legal support of litigation (including advising, preparation of documents, preparation and submission of claims, representation of the client in court);
  • Legal advising (client may raise any question which requires clarification, and receive a verbal or written responses with reference to pertinent law and recommendations of experts);
  • other types of legal services. 

For legal entities:

  • egal support in the execution and registration of rights to immovable property;
  • legal support of construction activities;
  • provision of subscription service to organizations (including all services required by the client - such as preliminary analysis of contracts, letters, statements and other documents produced within organization, with subsequent submission of comments and recommendations; other services at Client's discretion);
  • accounting and tax consulting;
  • internal financial and environmental audits;
  • representation of clients in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction;
  • representation of clients at the audits and inspections performed by environmental and other regulatory agencies (including in-person presence of our experts during such inspections, assessment of issued documents, in-person attendance of regulatory bodies for the representation of client's interests, preparation of documents necessary for execution of control measures);
  • organization of internal environmental services at the enterprises (determination of scale of service, scope of functioning, drafting the staff's job description, allocation of responsibilities, definition of the order of interaction with other divisions of the enterprise);
  • Development and approval of draft standards for maximum allowable air emission of pollutants (PDV), draft standards for maximum allowable waste dumping (PDS), draft standards for waste accumulation and disposal limits (PNOOLR) (including securing a permit for air emission of pollutants; execution of a passport of hazardous waste, calculation of environmental fee payments);
  • services for land management and cadastral registration (including service of specialized organization for the preparation of package needed to perform the cadastral registration of documents, supervision of document execution, representation of interests of the client in the authorized bodies);
  • Preparation of predesign brochures (including gathering of necessary information, analysis of pertinent legislation in the area of land use, urban planning and environmental protection, assessment of the existing urban situation with consideration of existing constraints; preparation of a conclusion with the proposals for possible use of the territory; design of the booklet);
  • organization of corporate business seminars for employees (seminar handouts, in-depth study of the subject of the seminar. The Client determines the subject of the seminar and the priority issues which should be given special attention);
  • Development of schemes, presentation booklets, other documents (including problem statement by the Client, analysis of situation on the basis of Client’s information, development of schemes, brochures, presentations, other analytical materials on the raised issues. This service may also include the development of guidelines, regulatory documentation on organizational structure, other documentation required for the Client in the area of ​​environmental protection, urban planning and land use);
  • provision of other services. 
Our address: Moscow 121354, Dorogobuzhskaya street 14, bld 6
Phone: +7 (499) 502-5495, +7 (495) 943-6442
E-mail: info@zemeco.ru


Наши телефоны:
(499) 502-5495
(495) 943-6442
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